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The Biggest Stories In HR In 2017 And What To Expect In The Coming Year

Date: February 21, 2018

Speaker:  Glenn Demby

2017 was a watershed year in HR. We’ve all been so busy covering all the dramatic new changes and developments that we haven’t had a chance to sit back and reflect on what they all mean today and in the years ahead.

Until now.

Topics Include:

  • Sex Harassment Upsurge
  • ESA Changes including $15 minimum wage
  • Legalized Cannabis & Drug Testing
  • Most Significant Court Cases of Year
  • Predictions & Trends


About the Presenter: Glenn Demby

Glenn Demby is a award winning journalist who specializes in translating law into plain English. Glenn describes himself as a teacher trapped in a lawyer’s body who, after spending 5 years in corporate Wall Street legal practice, set out to make a career in helping business professionals who didn’t go to law school and lack full-time access to counsel make sense of the laws they confront on the job each day and what they must do to comply with them.