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HR Compliance Calendar 2023

Everything you need to know from upcoming deadlines, regulatory changes, enforcement events and stat holidays you need to prepare for this quarter. Although we update this information every month you can see your specific jurisdiction’s information here.


May 1—Quebec—Minimum wage increases $1.00 to $15.25 per hour

May 7—Newfoundland—End of online surveying on pay equity and pay transparency regulations

May 21—Northwest Territories—Last day of public consultations on Employment Standards Act

May 28—Alberta—Deadline to apply for Supporting Psychological Health in First Responders (SPHIFR) grants

May 31—Ontario—End of FSRA public consultations on Administrative Monetary Penalties for pensions violations


June 1—BC—General minimum wage increases from $15.65 to $16.75 per hour

June 1—Ontario—New OHS naloxone kit requirements take effect


Oct. 1—Newfoundland & Labrador—Minimum wage increases 50 cents to $15.00 per hour

Oct. 1—Ontario—Minimum wage increases $1.05 to $16.55 per hour

Oct. 1—Manitoba—Minimum wage increases of $1.15 to $15.30 per hour

Oct. 1—Nova Scotia—Minimum wage increases 50 cents to $15.00 per hour

Oct. 1—PEI—Minimum wage increases 50 cents to $15.00 per hour