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Harassment Complaint Quiz

How Should an Employer Respond to a Harassment Complaint?


A Xerox technician who comes to the office each week swats a printing company employee in the butt with a rolled up blueprint. Distraught and in tears, she immediately tells her supervisor and demands action. The supervisor, believing he can handle the situation himself, talks to the technician, who admits what he did. So the supervisor makes him apologize to the employee. But facing the technician is the last thing she wants. She demands that the incident be reported to Xerox and the technician barred from the workplace. The supervisor refuses to “ruin the man’s life over such a stupid mistake.” Instead, he suggests that she call the police. The technician keeps coming to the company once a week but stays out of the employee’s way. Still, his mere presence makes her very uncomfortable. She sues the company for sexual harassment. The company doesn’t have a written harassment policy.


Is the company liable f...

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