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Genetic Information Non Discrimination Policy

Implementing a genetic discrimination policy is a must if you’re federally regulated. It’s also wise for companies subject to provincial or territorial laws, to limit risk of criminal penalties under the Genetic Non-Discrimination Act and civil lawsuits for money damages for privacy violations under the common-law, that is, law made by court rulings rather than statutes and regulations. Here’s a genetic discrimination policy template that you can adapt for your own company.


The DNA inside our cells are like fingerprints that contain comprehensive information about how our individual bodies function. Use of genetic testing enables us to access this information to assess our unique health characteristics, risks and vulnerabilities and design individualized plans to prevent, manage and treat the diseases and disorders that we may suffer. However, genetic testing information can also be used for discriminatory purposes that are not beneficial to the individuals being tested. For example, employers may seek to use genetic screening to identify and exclude individuals at genetically high risk of certain diseases as a way to manage their workers compensation or health insurance costs. Individuals may also be subject to harassment because of their own or a close family member’s genetic characteristics.


ABC Company condemns genetic discrimination and regards it as being in direct conflict with the Company’s core human values and commitment to provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment for all. ABC Company will not engage in or tolerate genetic discrimination or harassment and will hold individuals who engage in such conduct fully accountable and subject to discipline, up to and including termination, in accordance with the ABC Company Antidiscrimination Policy and Progressive Discipline Policy.


The purpose of this Policy is to establish clear ground rules regarding genetic discrimination and harassment so that all employees understand what is and is not acceptable; and…