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Employee Handout: Be Sure You Qualify for a Home Office Deduction Before Requesting T2200

Filling out a T2200 on behalf of an employee seeking a tax deduction can be one of the most burdensome and dreaded tasks HR and payroll managers must confront—not only because the required information is detailed and difficult to know but also because you must certify as to its accuracy. Adding to the aggravation is that employees requesting a T2200 may not even have a valid claim for the deduction. One way to avoid having to go to the trouble to investing all the time and effort in completing a T2200 for a deduction that’s only going to be denied anyway is to explain the tax rules to employees so they don’t pursue the claim unless they’re pretty sure it’s valid. Here’s a Questionnaire you can have employees fill out when they want you to fill out a T2200 for a home office tax deduction.