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10 Priorities to Successfully Implement a 360 Feedback Survey

360 degree feedback surveys are used to help organisations review the effectiveness of their leaders and managers and to provide them with insightful developmental feedback. They are also used to assess employees against important strategic company objectives and values such as Health and safety commitment, Managerial and leadership styles, Working Practices… and get access to the bigger picture. A well run 360 degree feedback survey can produce enormous Benefits both for the individuals taking part and for the company which employs them. The 360 degree feedback process is both sensitive and complex. A 360 degree can access very personal information relating to one’s performance. If handled incorrectly people can feel isolated and de-motivated. The introduction and implementation of a 360 degree survey must, therefore, be very carefully planned and carried out. Here are out tips to ensure a successful implementation:

1. Plan carefully

The introduction and implementation of a 360 Feed...

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