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Working from Home in the Face of a Pandemic – Applying Ergonomics Principles

In the face of a pandemic, many people are now being asked to perform work duties from home.  This includes both employees who may be accustomed to working from home and have a dedicated home office, as well as employees who have never worked from home and lack a dedicated space.

It is an opportune time to review some key ergonomics principles to help ensure that you can work from home in a safe and productive manner and do not incur a sore neck or back due poor working conditions.  You do not want to have to visit a doctor for a musculoskeletal disorder that could have been prevented by implementing the following workstation set up guidelines.

1. Select an appropriate work location

If you don’t have a dedicated home office, how do you pick the best working spot?  Consider picking a spot with a table or work surface that is 27-29” high.  Any higher, and you may find an increase in shoulder and neck discomfort that comes from working on a work surface that is too high.  It is also wo...

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