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What This Supreme Court Decision Means for Your Alcohol & Drug Testing Program

Your Speaker: Reagan Ruslim CPA, CA,  CHRP, LL.B, Dunsmore Law P.C.

When: July 25, 9:00 am PST/ 12:00 pm EST

About This Webinar:

OHS lawyer Reagan Ruslim presented a session at the OHS Summit 2012 on the current state of the law on drug and alcohol testing in Canada.

The Supreme Court of Canada just issued its long-awaited decision on the validity of Irving Pulp’s random alcohol testing policy at its paper mill. The Court struck down this policy, ruling that any safety benefits from the policy were outweighed by its harmful impact on workers’ privacy.

This webinar will explain the facts of this case, including the nature of the workplace and its history of alcohol related problems. It’ll also cover the decisions at each stage of the legal proceedings, culminating with the Supreme Court’s decision. It’ll look at the Court’s reasoning and the impact this decision may have on alcohol (and drug) testing programs in Canadian workplaces, especially those considered dangerous.