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Understand Immigrant Hiring

2016 may bring to Canada more immigrants than at any time previously. The newly elected Canadian government has committed to bringing an increased number of refugees over the next few months, 25,000 or more, many of whom will be working age adults and some of whom will seek employment opportunities in 2016.

The previous Canadian government had also targeted bringing over 100,000 economic immigrants into Canada in 2015 through Canada’s new Express Entry program. Although the actual number of economic immigrants approved in 2015, as of December 16th, was under 30,000 (only 29,515) those numbers may rise drastically in 2016. With 100,000 of thousands of new and very recent immigrants arriving in Canada in one way or another the odds are great that your organization will be screening and hiring relatively new immigrants in the next year.

The key steps in attracting, screening and hiring immigrant employees is to create an immigrant friendly, inclusive and accessible job posting and hiring process.

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