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The Trifecta of Engagement: The Organization, the Manager, and the Employee

In March 2013, the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and Achievers partnered to develop an original research report exploring how employee engagement is fundamentally created and sustained through three key elements, the Trifecta of Engagement— the organization/senior leaders, the manager, and the employee. Independent of one another, none of these groups can build and support employee engagement on their own. Rather, there must be a collective effort among all three in order to drive engagement.

A 32-item survey was designed and distributed to 4,000 HCI members to produce the foundational knowledge for this research, and more than 300 responses were received from organizations around the world. While it’s important to understand what organizations can offer to foster employee engagement, or what managers can do, this research identifies the importance of recognizing how these components work together to deliver on engagement initiatives. When high levels of employee engagement are achieved, an organization can expect increased performance, dedication, and productivity on behalf of its workforce.