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Ministry Of Labour To Start A Three Month Spot Audit Of Employment Standards

The Ministry of Labour ("MOL") has announced that starting in September 2014, it will embark on a three-month random spot audit in industries that the MOL considers to be "known to hire a high proportion of vulnerable or temporary foreign workers, including restaurants, building services, personal care services (e.g., hair, aesthetics, massage services), business support services (e.g. collection agencies, call centres) and horticulture (e.g., nurseries, greenhouses)." The MOL considers employees in these sectors to be particularly vulnerable to exploitation and has taken an interest in ensuring employers are complying with basic employment standards.

The MOL will be checking for compliance with the requirements of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (the "ESA") and will have a particular focus on compliance with public holidays, vacation pay, minimum wage, record keeping and payment of wages.

Spot audits, although concerning, are not uncommon. The MOL's announcement of the current sp...

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