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Retaining a Key Employee Who Has Hit The Ceiling

I have been asked on a few occasions the question ‘How do I keep an employee happy when I cannot promote or give her/him any more money?”. Rarely would a great employee not want to receive a reward. Sometimes, however, there is more to a reward then a promotion and more money.

Achievement-focussed contributors can offer significant benefits to an organization by getting work accomplished effectively, solving problems and through their reliability and can they be an excellent example to others. Organizations generally seek to retain these employees through rewards that include praise and recognition, financial compensation and promotions.

Sometimes, however, an employee can hit the ceiling in a department or in compensation and the organization needs to find additional ways to reward the employee to keep her/him happy and engaged. Certainly many employees can find an internal motivation that keeps them working hard when the rewards slow down but those employees may still be more vulne...

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