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Job Abandonment Policy

[Company Name] expects employees to report for work on time for every scheduled shift. An employee who is unable to report to work at the designated time is required to notify his or her supervisor as soon as practicable but no later than the employee’s scheduled start time in accordance with the sick leave policy. Employees who fail to report to work for three consecutive business days without notifying the company of the absence will be considered as having voluntarily resigned as a result of job abandonment.

If the employee is unable to contact the company for any absence, he or she should ask a representative (such as a family member or friend) to do so on the employee’s behalf. If the employee or a representative is unable to contact [Company Name] due to extreme circumstances (such as a medical emergency or natural disaster that prohibits the employee or his or her representative from contacting the company within three days), the employee or his or her representative must contact the company as soon as practicable to explain the situation. In extreme circumstances, the employer will consider the explanation and its timing before determining if the voluntary resignation will be upheld.