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Checklist for Job Offer Letters


Instructions: Letters offering a job applicant a position at ABC Company must list all of the following elements when the item is applicable to the situation. Example: You need not include a description of the conditions that must be met for the offer to become final unless the job offer is conditional.

[  ] A statement indicating that the offer letter is not and should not be considered an employment contract

[  ] A statement indicating that the job offer is conditional

[  ] A description of the conditions or contingencies that must be met for the job offer to become final and binding, e.g., passing of drug tests, satisfactory references and background check results, execution of a confidentiality, non-compete or other agreement

[  ] A statement advising the applicant not to serve notice of resignation with his/her current employer unless and until all conditions are met and the offer becomes final

[  ] Job title or a brief description of the position offered

[  ] Position status, e.g., full-time, part-time, etc.

[  ] Location of the position

[  ] Person(s) or office to whom the job applicant must report

[  ] A brief description of job duties and responsibilities preceded or followed by the phrase “this list is not exhaustive”

[  ] Base salary

[  ] Bonus/Commissions

[  ] Benefits, allowances and other perks

[  ] Work hours

[  ] Vacation entitlement

[  ] Statutory holiday entitlement

[  ] Length of probationary period

[  ] Termination notice