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Call-In-Pay Quiz

How Much Call-In Pay Does the Employee Get?

Mack Karoney, the manager of the hot new Toronto bistro, Eat Or Else, is expecting a huge lunch crowd. To prepare, he asks 5 employees to come in and put in a 4-hour shift during the lunch period. But the day is dampened by the unexpected storm that blows through, closing down the roads and keeping the anticipated lunch crowd home. Employees stand by with nothing to do. After 30 minutes, Mack sees the writing on the wall and sends 2 of the crew home. Both employees earn minimum wage—currently $11 per hour in Ontario.


How much in wages should the 2 employees sent home be paid for the day?

The half-hour they actually worked.
One hour, since employees can’t be paid in half-hour shifts.
The “call-in” pay under the Ontario Employment Standards Act–$33.
The entire 4-hour shift they were scheduled to work.


C. The employees are entitled to the call-in pay provided by the province’s employment standard law—in Ontari...

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