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The International Mobility Program: 10 Tips on How to Pass an Employer Compliance Inspection

Date: January 16th, 2019

Speakers: Evan Green & Valerie Kleinman of Green and Spiegel


Download Slides: Click here

There are significant risks associated with failing to comply with the rules and regulations associated with hiring temporary foreign workers. Your chance of being subjected to a Compliance Inspection is approximately 25%. We will discuss the top 10 tips that will have human resource managers and workforce mobility professionals passing compliance inspections with flying colours.

Participants will learn what is a stake if an employer fails a Compliance Inspection. What penalties does the employer face? Participants will learn 10 tips to ensure that everything that can be done, has been done, to pass a Compliance Inspection. There are certain terms that can be incorporated into offers of employment to safeguard the employer from compliance issues down the road. In addition, there are best practices that need to be followed, during the term of employment, to make sure that the employer is not exposed to any unnecessary risks when subjected to a Compliance Inspection.