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The 5 Mistakes HR Managers Make in Workplace Wellness Programs (and How to Fix Them).

Thought: Remember that it is possible to achieve positive ROI in any organisation through a wellness program so if your program isn’t doing that, it means that you need to either give it more time, or adjust your approach.

Tip: With all that’s been going on these past few years, our health has never been more front of mind, and for good reason.

The penny has dropped that the healthier we are, the more protected we are from diseases of all types, and the better we perform, not to mention the literally infinite other benefits that come with being well.

This realisation has brought with it a surge in demand for workplace health programs, which is fantastic and long overdue, but we have to make sure we’re putting resources into the right areas if we actually want to see results.

Here at Kinex Health we create and troubleshoot programs like these everyday, and that means we’ve seen (and fixed) our fair share of errors.

So, we’ve summarised the top 5 mistakes HR managers and b...

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