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Leadership Styles and Maximizing Leadership Effectiveness

The word “leadership” is one we hear on a very regular basis – at work, at home, in our communities. However, if we truly try to define the word precisely, it becomes much more difficult as there is no universally agreed-upon definition. The word “leadership” can make people feel positive, or negative, or angry, or inspired.

In order to define “leadership”, it is useful to think about what a leader does. They try to develop a cohesive environment that motivates people to work together to achieve certain goals or milestones. Their job is to help influence the behavior of others to achieve these desired outcomes.

The one thing we know is that different people have different approaches and skills in influencing others. Some leaders may focus on a team’s competitiveness, while others may try to appeal to a certain cause or to guide their team to follow a clearly defined path. The point is that each style is specific to each individual.

Your responses to the “What is My Leadership Styl...

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