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Domestic Violence in the Workplace: How to Protect Your Employees & Comply with Current Legislation

Legal Basics, Current Employer Obligations, and Practical “How-to” Prevention Measures to Keep Your Employees Safe and Protect Your Organization from Liability

One thing is certain: domestic violence in the workplace is a serious and growing threat to both your employees and your organization.

First, the cost is staggering — amounting to billions of dollars in lost time, reduced productivity, increased health care costs.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Incidents of domestic violence in the workplace have resulted in death or injury to employees, disruption of operations, negative publicity, and serious legal repercussions to employers who have failed to take basic steps to protect their employees.

Under current law, most jurisdictions require organizations to take “reasonable preventative measures” to protect their employees from domestic violence in the workplace.

But what are “reasonable preventative measures?” What practical steps can or should you take to protect your workplace? What training should you provide to employees and managers? What types of programs are now working? How do you set up an effective domestic violence program in your workplace?

Here’s the Help You Need to Prevent Domestic Violence in Your Workplace