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Dangerous Daze: Handling Negative Emotions

Date: May 13, 2020

Time: 9am – 10:15am PST

Presenter: Richard Hawk

About the Webinar

During these unusually distressful times, this timely webinar will give you practical ways to better handle distressful emotions such as anger, anxiety, frustration, fear, and worry, which are a common root-cause of harmful incidents.

“Dangerous Daze” will provide you and anyone in your organization insight about proven methods that decrease the impact of negative emotions. It’s been well established that anger, frustration, fear, and worry cause employees to be distracted, which not only causes health-related problems but increases their chances of creating a mishap. This webinar includes several tips and techniques that will help eliminate these damaging emotions.

Take Aways:

Everyone attending will:

  • Discover why addressing negative emotions as part of your safety and health program can make a huge difference in your incident rate
  • Learn just how potent negative emotions are to your health and cognitive abilities
  • Understand what causes people to be overpowered by anger and other strong emotions.
  • Get insight into ways to pay attention to negative emotions before they become a behavioral problem
  • Learn about three excellent and simple ways to be mindful and reduce the energy negative emotions create.
  • Get a plan of action they can use to overcome needless worrying.
  • Have fun while finding out new ways to “lighten up.”

Richard Hawk does not give boring webinars. Richard includes some theory, sure, to give you a sense of why the topic is important and how it applies to our safety and health. But there will be plenty of tips and techniques you can use right away along with inspiring and fun stories and other enlightening antics.

About the Speaker

The World’s Leading Expert on Making Safety Fun and Creating Vibrant Safety Cultures World-renowned, motivational safety speaker and trainer Richard Hawk helps safety leaders create vibrant safety cultures. He also helps employees take personal responsibility for their safety by teaching them how to develop habits that eliminate accidents. It’s rare to find someone who is both a safety professional and an entertaining speaker and trainer. Richard Hawk has been in the safety and health field for more than 35 years. He spent 12 of them as a safety professional in the nuclear industry and safety consultant on construction projects. His depth of knowledge and extensive experience make for content-rich, behavior-changing learning programs that are truly “fun.”

Safety Expert

Richard is passionate about safety! He is an avid learner and stays on top of the latest research on behavioral science and how it relates to safety. Richard holds numerous safety and technical certifications from various organizations including the National Safety Council (NSC), the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO), and The National Registry of Radiation Protection Technologists (NRRPT).  He stays on the leading edge of the safety industry through his work with thousands of leaders in hundreds of organizations in a wide array of industries. This includes energy, manufacturing, chemical, construction, healthcare, technology, retail, transportation, government, and education.

Safety Industry

Author Since 1999, Richard’s bi-weekly Safety Stuff e-zine acts as a clearinghouse for the best ideas from thousands of safety professionals around the globe. He is the author of four popular books: Spice It Up! 52 Easy Ways Turn Your Safety Meetings From Bland to Grand, The Safety Leader’s Guide Book, Just Imagine!, and 250 Super Bright Safety Meeting and Promotional Ideas. His articles are regularly published in safety magazines, and he is a monthly columnist for the U.S. National Safety Council’s magazine, Safety+Health.

Safety Speaker, Trainer, and Coach

Richard has a talent for connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and industries. His experiences as a union and nonunion employee, manager, and safety leader give him the insight to relate to people at all levels, from line employees to CEOs, truck drivers to scholars. Richard engages the audience using props, musical parodies, and interactive activities to create sustainable behavioral change that has been proven to reduce accidents. Richard has been speaking about safety for more than 25 years! He’s a repeat speaker at the National Safety Council’s Annual Convention and has been invited back every year for the past 10+ years. Richard has been a featured speaker at international conventions for Fortune 500 companies’ safety leaders; he’s presented to engineers and plant managers in India and Dubai, Canadian CEO’s as well as Japanese technicians.

To learn more about Richard Hawk and to view his client list visit: www.makesafetyfun.com