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Court Of Appeal Certifies WestJet Sexual Harassment Class Action

In Lewis v. WestJet Airlines Ltd.1, the British Columbia Court of Appeal certified a class action concerning the alleged workplace sexual harassment of female flight attendants at WestJet Airlines. The decision reversed a 2021 Supreme Court of British Columbia decision declining certification2.

The Supreme Court of British Columbia was prepared to certify the plaintiff's claim for breach of contract as a common issue but declined certification on the basis that the claim failed the preferable procedural criterion. The certification judge held that the action was better suited for the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (CHRT). Our summary of the case and analysis of the Supreme Court of British Columbia decision can be found  here.

The Court of Appeal determined that the certification judge's preferability analysis failed to consider all of the factors under section 4(2) of British Columbia's Class Proceedings Act (CPA)3 and that a class action was in fact the preferable procedure for...

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