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An Update on Ontario Harassment and Mental Stress Claims

High on the list of current challenges facing many companies are issues related to dealing with harassment and mental stress claims by employees.

Date Recorded: March 23, 2016

Speaker: Kevin MacNeill

This webinar focused on recent legal developments in these areas in Ontario, including:

  • An update on harassment claims under Bill 168: the current approach of the Ontario Labour Relations Board
  • An update on traumatic mental stress claims before the WSIAT since Decision No. 2157/09, including:
  • What is the trend in terms of claims allowed/disallowed?
  • How is the WSIAT interpreting WSIB Policy 15-03-02 on Traumatic Mental Stress?
  • What factors are important in determining entitlement/dis-entitlement?
  • How has the WSIAT grappled with competing medical reports?