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6 Steps to Prevent Workplace Stress

Mental stress has become a major challenge for HR directors:

According to Statistics Canada, 30.8% of Canadian employees say that most of the working day is considerably or extremely stressful;

Short and long periods of incapacity absence due to mental health problems represent 1/3 of requests for workers’ comp and 70% of the total cost;

In addition to health problems, stress in the workplace reduces employee job satisfaction and productivity;

Employees experiencing stress are more likely to suffer injuries at work.

Preventing Workplace Stress
What’s less well understood is what you can actually do to combat the problem. But that’s starting to change. As employers try new things, we’re learning more about what does and doesn’t work in preventing workplace stress. One of the best places to look for best practices and lessons that you can use at your own workplace is the recent report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) which sets out a Checklis...

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