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What Payroll Records Does the Law Require?

Although it’s not exactly a glamorous task, the obligation to maintain complete and accurate payroll records is in some ways the most important part of a payroll manager’s job. It also happens to be a legal obligation. There’s plenty of literature about the technological and administrative aspects of payroll recordkeeping. But the legal dimension is typically overlooked. That’s a real shame because complying with payroll recordkeeping obligations is a huge challenge. This story will show you how.
Defining Our Terms
Payroll recordkeeping obligations are spread out over almost a dozen different federal and provincial laws, including not just employment standards and other provincial laws such as the Employer Health Tax Act in Ontario but federal laws like the Income Tax Act, Employment Insurance Act and the Canada Pension Plan.

While employment standards laws require you to maintain specific identifying and demographic data about individual employees, the tax and payroll laws require ...

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