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Military/Reservist Leave of Absence Policy

Men and women serving in the Reserve Forces of the Canadian Forces may be called up at any time to participate in a foreign military operation, provide disaster relief, quell public disturbances or respond to other emergencies. They may also have to take time off to participate in mandatory military training. To ensure that employees don’t lose their job as a result of these absences, here’s a policy template you can adapt to ensure compliance with minimum requirements governing reservist leave.


Employees of ABC Company who are members of the Reserve Forces may take unpaid leave to perform their required duties in accordance with the employment standards law of [province] and the terms of this Policy.


“Canadian Forces” includes Army, Naval and Air Force services

“Reservist” means a member of the reserve force, as defined in section 2(1) of the National Defence Act (NDA)



An employee is entitled to unpaid leave of absence if all three of the following conditions are true: [add whichever of the following applies]

A. The employee is a Reservist;

B. The employee has been continuously employed by ABC Company for:

  • (Option A: FED/MB/NS/ON): 3 months;
  • (Option B: AB): 12 weeks;
  • (Option C: SK): 13 weeks;
  • (Option D: NB/NS/NWT/NU/PEI/YT): 6 months;
  • (Option E: QC): 12 months;
  • (Option F: BC): (delete subparagraph (b) since employees don’t need to have minimum service to apply for reservist leave in BC);

C. The purpose of the leave is to participate or engage in (such activities will be referred to collectively as “Service”):…