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Medical Leave And Accommodation For Mental Illness And Addictions

Increasing numbers of employees are struggling with mental illness and addictions in today's workplaces. The symptoms related to these types of illnesses, including a decline in capacity to handle deadlines; stress; despondence; erratic behavior; inability to concentrate and focus; and fatigue. These symptoms are often perceived and treated by employers as a performance issue, with disciplinary results that, in turn, may worsen the employee's condition.

Despite the negative repercussions that can arise when an employee who is unwell remains on the job, employees may be reluctant to take medical leave because they fear retaliation in the form of denial of promotions or termination when they return to work. Another concern is a potential loss of pay.

With regard to salary protection, many employers provide sick leave benefits and/or disability benefits through group insurance. Employees who are unable to work due to illness, but who do not have paid sick leave or disability coverage ma...

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