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It Takes Two To Tango: Employee Obligations And Workplace Accommodation

Workplace accommodation is a challenging process, often without easy answers. Employers know they have to be proactive when assessing and implementing accommodation plans to ensure compliance with human rights legislation.

What is often overlooked is that accommodation is a two-way street, and employees also have their own set of obligations that, if not followed, can be fatal to a human rights complaint.

Employee obligations in the accommodation process include:

Alerting the employer about the existence of a disability and the requirement for accommodation.1
Providing sufficient medical evidence, permitting the employer to assess the limitations imposed by the disability, and come up with a reasonable accommodation plan in response.
Accepting reasonable proposals for accommodation made by the employer.

Critically, employees cannot expect perfect accommodation, or insist on their preferred form of accommodation. Employees have an obligation to accept an offer of acc...

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