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Implementing A Four-day Workweek: Legal Issues For Employers To Consider

So you're having trouble finding and retaining top talent. Offering hybrid or remote work doesn't work for you – or maybe it isn't enough to keep competitive in this tight job market. You're also hearing reports of employee burnout and have seen first-hand that the pandemic is causing employees to re-evaluate their work-life balance.

Several of your employees have asked about the possibility of a four-day workweek — which seems to be all the buzz these days for self-reported progressive workplaces. Some employers have already implemented a four-day workweek. Many others worldwide are currently engaged in trials to test out whether a four-day workweek could be an effective strategy to remain competitive, attract and retain talent, reduce overhead, improve employee wellness and possibly even increase productivity.

You do your research. You consider the various pros and cons. From a business perspective, you think that a four-day workweek could be a good solution for your organizati...

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