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Do Human Rights Laws Harm Those They Were Meant To Protect?

Human rights laws often create discrimination against the very groups they are designed to protect. Take, for example, the many laws created to end discrimination of women in the workplace.

In reality, women are now doing very well. A 2010 study of employment in large U.S. cities by Reach Advisors found that unmarried, childless women earned more than their male counterparts by considerable margins. And last December a Pew Research study, covering all Americans, found women between the ages of 25 and 32 earned 93% of what their male peers earned, compared with 84% for women generally.

Among Millennial women — the generation aged 18 to 32 —  38% have college degrees, compared with 31% of males. Both sexes agreed women in the Millennial generation are more focused on their careers than their male counterparts. Notwithstanding these successes, Pew found 75% of Millenial women believed changes are required to obtain gender equity.  This despite only 15% of them reporting ever having expe...

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