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Checklist of Essential HR Policies for Federally Regulated Workplaces

The policies every federally regulated employer must have.

What HR policies do we need to have in our province?

That is the one question we at HR Compliance Insider get the most. The basic answer is that you need policies to ensure compliance with your jurisdiction’s employment standards, human rights and OHS regulations, as well as the so-called common law which governs issues like termination, employment contracting and general workplace conduct. However, there are also slight variations by province. So, we’ve decided to create a Checklist of essential HR policies in each part of Canada. Here’s a version for federally regulated employers subject to the Canada Labour Code.

Must-Have HR Policies for Federally Regulated Employers

[  ] Anti-Discrimination Policy (you can also have separate policies for racial, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, family status, criminal background and other protected characteristics)

Reasonable Accommodations Policy

Equal Pay for Equal Work Policy*

Workplace Accessibility Policy*

Bullying & Cyberbullying Policy

Workplace Violence & Harassment Policy*

Domestic Violence in the Workplace Policy*

Respectful Workplace Policy

Personal Privacy in the Workplace Policy

Computer, Social Networking & Internet Use Policy

Flexible Benefits/Telecommuting/Work from Home Policy

Substance Abuse, Impairment & Fitness for Work Policy

Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy

Genetic Testing Policy*

Attendance & Absenteeism Policy

Hours of Work & Work Schedule Policy

General HR Code of Conduct

Progressive Discipline Policy

 Compensation, Salary & Benefits Policy

General Leaves of Absence Policy*

Maternity & Parental Leave Policy

Compassionate Care Policy

Child Death or Disappearance Leave Policy

Personal & Sick Leave Policy

Family Violence Leave Policy

Bereavement Leave Policy

Court & Jury Duty Leave Policy

Military Reservist Leave Policy

Termination of Employment Policy

Non-Retaliation/Reprisals Policy*

General Occupational Health and Safety Policy*

Nice-to-Have HR Policies for Federally Regulated Employers

Lie Detectors in the Workplace Policy

Visitors Safety & Rules of Conduct Policy

Children in the Workplace Policy

Group Benefits Plans Policy

Business & Travel Expenses Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Gifts, Favors & Entertainment Policy

Smoking in the Workplace Policy

Off-Duty Conduct Policy

Dress Code & Personal Appearance Policy

Performance Review & Management Policy

Inclement Weather Policy

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Use of Cell Phones in the Workplace Policy

Policies marked with * are required by law.