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Can You Terminate Employees for “Quietly Quitting”?

No, but you may be able to fire them for other reasons.

“Quiet quitting.” It’s a term you’ve probably heard in the past few weeks thanks to a new TikTok video featuring disaffected employees describing their experiences in rebelling against what they see as the oppressive HR system. But while the term is new, the behaviour is anything but. It occurs when employees deliberately disengage from work without actually abandoning their job. The idea is to do only the bare minimum needed to collect their paycheque. Quiet quitters show up around 9 AM and leave the second the clock strikes 5. They don’t care about, and often despise the company, customers and people they work with.

Fundamentally, quiet quitting is a social phenomenon rooted in generational attitudes, burnout, family responsibilities and, above all, employee mistrust of employers to manage their workload and provide fair compensation. To ultimately resolve it, companies must support employees’ mental health, promote work-l...

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