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How Can You Tell If Your Employees Are “Quietly Quitting”

21 signs to look for. 

The first part of effective response to “quiet quitting”  is recognizing when your employees are engaging in it. Here are some telltale signs to be on the lookout for:

  • Productivity and output declines.

  • Employee stops scoring recordable metrics upon hitting their monthly target or quota.

  • Employee doesn’t come to meetings

  • Employees who miss meetings don’t reach out to ask what they’ve missed.

  • Employee is less active in meetings.

  • Normally cooperative employees become argumentative.

  • Normally argumentative employees become passive.

  • Employee no longer suggests new ideas.

  • Employee stops volunteering for assignments.

  • Normally proactive employee stops taking initiative.

  • Employees disappear.

  • Employees claim they’re busy any time you try to talk to them.

  • Employees delay or don’t respond to emails.

  • Employees stop sending emails.

  • Normally social employees start keeping to themselves.

  • Unexcused and excused absences increase.

  • Previously cooperative employees refuse to cover or pick up shifts for their co-workers.

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  • Employees who used to be team players resist teamwork.

  • Employees hand in assignments late.

  • Employees who used to stay late now leave the moment their shift ends.