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Are You Ready for The Emerging HR Tech Trends?

Earlier this year the Information Services Group (ISG), a leading technology insights, market intelligence and advisory services company, released a survey called ‘Industry Trends In Human Resources Technology and Services Delivery Survey’.


According to the report organizations want new HR technology tools and/or new HR delivery models that offer 4 key benefits. Specifically HR is looking to use technology to (quoted from the report):

  • Improve the employee user experience
  • Access ongoing innovation and best practices to better support business
  • Increase speed to implement and achieve value (HR Technology)
  • Find savings in resource costs/labor arbitrage (HR Delivery Model)

With a growing number of new talent headed into the labour market, most of whom have ‘grown up digital’ it will be important for organizations to offer a smooth technological experience. User interfaces that are simple, easy to use and access and include a social experience will continue to trend, impacting recruitment and retention of future employees.

With a growing flexible, mobile and transitional workforce reliable cloud-based technology will become even more important. Additionally organizations need technology that offers efficiency and depth, requiring technology that collects, processes and analyzes a vast array of information to facilitate ongoing management and decision-making. Technology is expected to deliver more, easily and at reasonable cost.

Summary of ‘Trend Watching’ HR’s Tech Wish List

1) Services in the Cloud: Some businesses remain leery of the cloud but more are seeing that the cloud is where they are headed. In the ISG survey 50% of respondents indicted they had or were planning on implementing cloud based SaaS (‘software as a service’ is software distribution model in which applications are hosted by a vendor or services provider made available via the Internet). HR is looking for Cloud SaaS that offers easy to access and cost-effective HR services.


2) Straightforward Interface: Frequently a barrier to technology adaptation in many organizations has been the clumsy and complicated dashboard experience of most users, resulting in errors and poor compliance. HR is looking for solutions that can be accessed from a desktop, tablet or phone, on-the-go via a secure and easy to navigate interface

3) Multi-Way Collaboration:
Social based technology can save time in communication and reduce duplication of efforts. Digital native Millennials also expect social collaboration in the workplace. HR is increasingly seeking tools that provide employees the ability to collaborate securely across many departments.

4) Data Management: Analytics will continue as a hot trend. HR will seek tools that need to gather, analyze, use and then provide easy access to useful information.

5). Working Anywhere – HR is seeking talent management tools that offer a quality mobile user experience; forms, accessibility and security are all keys in a work anywhere and anytime environment.

Those who had already implemented tech solutions were asked how they would rate the impact of adopting various technology solutions on their business case for implementation. Rated as meeting expectations were: Unified Human Capital Management Solutions Suite (74%), SaaS (65%) and Integrated Talent Management Suite (44%); Analytics and dashboards (31%); rated as exceeding expectations were: Mobile access and notifications (50%); Analytics and dashboards (40%); Saas (22%) and Integrated Talent Management Suite (31%).

According to the ISG survey the majority of respondents reported that they were looking at a 1-2 year timeline for adapting to the following new technology trends; SaaS (52%), Social Collaboration (43%), Mobile Access and Notifications (51%), Analytics and Dashboards (51%) and Unified Human Capital Management Solutions Suite (43%).

Over the next 5 or more years these trends will have a growing impact on HR by changing not only how HR is delivered but also who is delivering it. HR roles, activities, policies and procedures will need to evolve along with these trends.