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Wrongfully Terminated, Now Coming Back to Work

To avoid a protracted process, my company has decided to accept the premise that an employee may have been wrongfully terminated. We believe it is possible that someone made an error when dismissing this employee. The employee, who has worked for us for 15 years, wants to return to work in his previous job. This employee was liked by many of his colleagues but had a poor relationship with his supervisor.  Should we allow him to resume his old job?
What Goes Wrong: Wrongful Termination
What constitutes wrongful termination in Canada? Terminating an employee and failing to provide sufficient notice; termination for cause and without sufficient notice when it turns out there was not sufficient cause; making substantial unilateral changes to an employee’s job without their consent, even when the employee quits as a result. Understanding which of these best describes the situation may help determine your actions.
Reinstatement Not the Norm
It is very rare in Canada that a wrongf...

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