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Workplace Posting Requirements Checklist – Manitoba

The duty to post notices, information and other materials at your workplace for your employees comes from 4 different sets of laws.

Use this checklist to ensure your organization has the required postings.


  Yes No Comments
Copy of overtime averaging agreement
Copy of overtime averaging permit
Work schedules of employees affected by averaging agreement (within 2 weeks if director requires)
Notice of group termination (if employees not unionized or director orders it)
  Yes No Comments
Any notice relating to a collective bargaining proceeding or outcome the Labour Board orders employer to post
Copy of union application for certification as bargaining agent
Notice of employees objecting to certification
  Yes No Comments
Reports on compliance with improvement or stop work orders
JHSC information:

  • Names of members
  • Date each member’s term expires
  • Scheduled dates of JHSC meetings
  • Agenda of each meeting
  • Minutes of each meeting (signed by co-chairs + remains posted until all issues in meeting resolved)
Safety representative information:

  • Name of rep
  • Scheduled dates of meetings
  • Agenda of each meeting
Orders issued by director for site
List of names + work locations of each first aider
Working alone safe work procedure
Harassment prevention policy
Violence prevention policy
Written report on noise exposure assessment