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Workplace Law And Media’s Viewpoints Are Not So Far Apart

A browse through last week's papers reveals how the disparate themes of National Post columnists reverberated with the issues my clients face.

Consider Charles Krauthammer's piece, in Friday's Post, comparing the significance of the use of social media by the powerful and the powerless, particularly when responding to problems abroad, referring to Barack Obama's feckless responses about Nigeria, Ukraine and Syria. Krauthammer wrote:

"When a superpower, with multiple means at its disposal, reverts to rhetorical emptiness and hashtag activism, it has betrayed both its impotence and indifference. But if you're an individual citizen without power, if you lack access to media, drones or special forces, then hashtagging your solidarity with the aggrieved is a fine gesture and perhaps even more. The mass tweet is, after all, just the cyber equivalent of the mass petition."

Employers, too, have far more direct means at their disposal, in engaging their employees, than social media; announce...

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