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’Tis The Season … For Holiday Parties And Harassment Complaints: What Employers Can Do To Reduce The Risks

Holding staff parties and social events is a great way to celebrate the holiday season and to thank employees for their hard work over the preceding year. Amid all the excitement, employers must take care to protect themselves from potential liability. The following is a brief guide for employers on how to avoid legal liability arising out of harassment complaints and motor vehicle accidents involving intoxicated employees. This guide is not a substitute for specific legal advice. The lawyers at McCarthy Tétrault would be pleased to advise you and answer any specific questions you may have regarding potential liability arising from employer-sponsored social events.
Employer Liability for Harassment
An employer is generally liable for harassment, including sexual harassment, that occurs within the workplace and may also be liable for harassment that occurs outside working hours at employer-sponsored social events. Employers should consider taking the following steps to reduce both the r...

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