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The Emotional Toll For Some Unpaid Internships

The topic of unpaid interns in the workplace has garnered a lot of media attention this past year. As the economy lost jobs many organizations brought on board more unpaid employees, often students or new graduates, under the theory that they were offering these interns an opportunity to build a career. Many times these interns were brought on at the expense of brining on board a new paid staff. Unpaid internships often become a rotating door of cheap, unpaid work.

There are estimates that across Canada as many as 300,000 people are working for free in some of the country’s major corporations, corporations that are often turning a great profit and paying their executives bonuses for keeping costs to a minimum. Often students and new grads jump at the opportunity to break into a major corporation and take these internships hoping for benefits that are not always materializing.

As a result of the recent attention there has been both an official crackdown on unpaid internships in many i...

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