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The Clock’s Ticking: Ontario Court Of Appeal Dismisses Bank’s Appeal In Overtime Class Action

After nearly 15-years of protracted litigation, the Ontario Court of Appeal recently dismissed the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce's appeal of Justice Belobaba's trio of decisions, released in 2020, finding that CIBC's overtime policies and record-keeping practices for tracking and compensating overtime hours were unlawful, "systemic impediments" and in breach of the Canada Labour Code.

The Court of Appeal's decision has wide-ranging implications for the employment and class actions bars across the country, and serves as yet another warning to employers to regularly review and update their policies, procedures and practices to ensure compliance with minimum employment standards. The Court's decision also confirms employers' duty under the Code to actively prevent employees from working overtime hours. From a class actions perspective, the Court's discussion of the test for certifying the aggregate damages question, despite a previous refusal to certify the question at fir...

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