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The 7 Things Employers Must Do to Comply with Québec’s Tough New French Languages Law

Bill 96 requires employers to put employment ads, HR policies, job offers and contracts into French.

Are you prepared to:

Translate all of your current HR policies into French?
Post employment ads in French?
Make job offers and negotiate employment contracts in French?

These are just a few things you may need to do under a new Québec law that takes effect on June 2023. Explanation: Québec’s Charter of the French Language and other laws make it mandatory to use French in the workplace and while conducting other employment activities in the province. Passed on June 1, 2022, Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec, significantly broadens those French language requirements. The really scary thing about Bill 96 is that you may have to comply with it even if you’re not located in Québec. Here’s a briefing on the law, what it requires and whom it affects.
Which Companies Does Bill 96 Cover?
Companies must comply with Bill 96 if they’re ...

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