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Take Care When Negotiating Breastfeeding Breaks

Breastfeeding is a women’s protected legal right in Canada. Employers must provide mothers with an opportunity to breastfeed or pump breast milk including an appropriate location and not penalizing a woman for taking time. It is very important that an organization cooperate with a breastfeeding employee to find a solution that works. Making the process odious could raise the specter of a case for harassment and discrimination on the basis of gender (sex) or family status.

Factors to consider when negotiating breastfeeding breaks in your workplace:

Some mothers may choose to have their baby brought to them and others may request leaving the workplace. In negotiating these options consider these factors:

The health and safety of the infant in the workplace. Is the infant exposed to noise, lights, hazards, contagions, dangerous chemicals, products or situations or generally unsafe conditions for an infant?
Is the infant a distraction in the workplace? This distraction cannot result f...

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