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Setting Goals in Times of Business Uncertainty

By Paula Santonocito

A new year brings an opportunity – and in many instances, a requirement – that HR and other members of the organization’s management team set goals. But how do you set goals when you’re not sure what the future holds?

Assessing the Situation

To some extent, business and life are always uncertain. Now, ongoing global and national economic concerns have organizations proceeding with caution. While the approach makes good business sense, an unwanted consequence is trepidation, which has the potential to negatively impact the innovation and creativity that should emerge from an effective goal-setting process.

So, how do you move forward with department and personal goals, while encouraging others to do the same?

An understanding of the business environment is essential, and reflecting this in your goals 1) makes your goals more realistic and achievable, which are key components of goal setting, and 2) allows you to come across as a knowledgeable professional tuned...

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