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Can You Fire Employees for Lying on Their Resumes?

Resume writing is advertising and playing fast and loose with the facts is almost expected. But there’s a difference between stretching the truth and outright lying. To be grounds for termination, the resume lie must be “material.” To evaluate materiality, courts consider the seriousness of the lie and whether it helped the employee get hired or secure more favorable contract terms. Here are 2 cases where these factors led to a different conclusion. Although both cases are from Ontario, the same analysis applies in all parts of Canada.

Lie is Grounds for Termination


A business consulting group wouldn’t hire professionals without university degrees. The group hired a consultant whose resume indicated that he had a PhD as well as bachelor’s and master’s degrees. While vetting him for partnership, the group discovered that the consultant didn’t have these or any other degrees from an accredited university. So it fired the consultant without notice. He sued for wrongful dismissal ...

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