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Need a policy because of a recent regulatory change? We’ve got it for you. Need some quick training on a specific HR topic? We’ve got it for you. HR Insider provides the resources you need to craft, implement and monitor policies with confidence. Our team of experts (which includes lawyers, analysts and HR professionals) keep track of complex legislation, pending changes, new interpretations and evolving case law to provide you with the policies and procedures to keep you ahead of problems. FIND OUT MORE...
LinkedIn’s Shiny Data Pools

How much should you trust LinkedIn’s big and small data.

LinkedIn gathers a lot of data. With 258 million subscribers, 3 million business pages, over 1 billion skills endorsements and 2 new people joining every second, there is a lot of information to gather, process, analyze and apply.

According to LinkedIn Chief Executive Jeff Weiner “Our ultimate dream is to develop the world’s first economic graph”. He describes this as a digital map of skills, people and job opportunities around the world. Certainly LinkedIn is a great source of data. However, this data is self-reported, self-selected and highly filtered and, as such, there can be challenges in relying on it to make decisions.
How LinkedIn Makes Money: The Three Main Money Makers
LinkedIn makes money from selling ads, selling premium accounts, and providing talent solutions for employers and recruiters. The later is the big money maker. 'Big data’ mining and selling is one of the biggest trends of the year. For LinkedIn to cont...

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