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LAWSCAPE: The Law of Workplace Bullying & Cyberbullying


red square Employer OHS duty to prevent act/threat of psychological and physical harm                                                                                                                            
pink square Employer OHS duty to prevent act/threat of physical harm only                                                                                                                                                       
white square OHS duty to prevent act/threat of physical and psychological harm may be implied under general duty clause


  • Federal OHS law imposes employer duty to prevent act/threat of physical and psychological harm
  • In QC, the duty to prevent psychological harassment is part of Labour Standards Act
  • All jurisdictions ban workplace harassment and bullying based on race, sex, religion and other personal characteristics protected by human rights laws
  • Federal Bill C-13 makes acts of cyberbullying a crime
  • Nova Scotia Cyber-Safety Act gives cyberbullying victims right to sue for money damages