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Things To Consider When Retiring From A Business You Own

For years, you've worked hard by putting in long hours and building up your business. You've felt a sense of satisfaction, knowing that your hard work has led to your success and feelings of accomplishment. Looking ahead, you want to see more, experience more, and live more. You've decided that the time has come to cash in and take some well-deserved time to enjoy what the world has to offer. Or perhaps, you're hoping to pass the family business onto the next generation. In either case, you'll need a road map and some good people who can help guide you in this time of transition.
Getting Started
What are you selling?
Where should you start? It's good to begin by looking at the structure of your business. If you're carrying on the business as a sole proprietorship, you may be looking to sell some (or all) of the business' assets. If you're carrying on business through a company or corporation, you need to decide if you want to sell the assets of the business or if you want to sel...

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