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The Conflicts Don’t Stop: The Latest on Workplace Investigations

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An employee who is angry, volatile or a potential threat does not belong in the workplace, but it can be difficult and, in some cases, potentially dangerous to fire that employee without first taking important steps to ensure you manage the situation appropriately. Finding a balance between the rights of an individual employee to be accommodated and protecting the safety of other employees is a tight line to walk. Be prepared to identify difficult employees by downloading the special report.

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About The Speaker

Inna Koldorf is a partner with Miller Thomson LLP’s Labour and Employment Law group, where she focuses on Employment and Labour Law, Human Rights Law, and Workplace Investigations. Having advised and represented unions and employees earlier in her career, Inna brings a unique perspective to the counsel and representation that she now provides exclusively to employers.

Inna completed the Association of Workplace Investigators’ Training Institute, an accredited certificate program. She investigates allegations raised under the Human Rights Code of Ontario, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, workplace harassment and violence policies, as well as allegations of fraud, conflict of interest and breach of contract.

Inna has appeared before the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the Canada Industrial Relations Board, the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, the Superior Court of Justice, and the Federal Court of Canada. She has been repeatedly quoted in various news publications, and regularly speaks at seminars on workplace law topics.