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Sept 20 – Common Ergonomics Misconceptions Debunked

Date: September 20, 2023

Time: 9:00-10:30AM Pacific

Speaker: Kristan Rossetto

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  • “The maximum safe amount an individual can lift is 50 lbs.”
  • “Wrist rests are a good solution for employees with wrist pain when mousing.”
  • “Laptops are great portable devices that can be used as a desk top computer workstation.”

Do you know if these are these Ergonomics Facts, or Ergonomics myths?

Join ERGO Inc. as we debunk some common misconceptions related to ergonomics, computer workstation set-up, and manual material handling tasks. In this webinar, we will reveal the thinking behind some of these misconceptions and present the facts for topics such as:

  • Safe maximum lifting limits
  • Proper material handling techniques for tasks such as lifting and pushing/pulling
  • Use of wrist rests and other aides at computer workstations
  • Proper use and set up of laptops as computer workstations