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Is Your Future HR Job Already Here?

According to a 2015 article from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) there are 5 jobs that will join the HR family as key roles by 2025. This list of roles is based on ideas developed by a group of top CHROs and HR thought leaders participating in project CHREATE (The Global Consortium to Reimagine HR, Employment Alternatives, Talent, and the Enterprise).

If you are in an HR role today you will recognize that you do not need to wait until 2025 to see these roles in action. Many elements of these future roles are already on your plate today, thrown under the umbrella of what you already do to get your job done.

5 Future HR Roles You Can Start Claiming Today

As you read the roles presented below you may find yourself saying, ‘Hey, these are the ideal roles I entered HR hoping to perform’. The roles listed below will enable you to help transform your organization into cultural workplaces that can be integral members of your communities and your employee’s lives. Take a few minutes to review these 5 future roles and think about how they impact your job today:

  1. Organizational Engineer
  • Expertise in understanding and projecting the new ways of working including new structures of the workplace including virtual, contingent and flexible employees and whatever else comes down the pipeline.
  • Developing ways lead different organizational work structures and teams.
  • Helping organizations and employees navigate career and job transitions
  • Leader in task optimization and implementing organization principles around agility, networking, relationship building, trust and more
  1. Virtual Culture ARCHITECT
  • An advocate for developing and facilitating a corporate or company culture that is inclusive and agile and helps employees align their own purpose with the companies
  • Building the employer brand internally and externally, communicating of values, norms and beliefs
  • All in one career expert, scouting internal and external talent, matching and/or helping people uncover their talent and coaching them in work/life and balance.
  • Expert in new work models that enable employees and the organization to meet their needs and purpose (free agents, contractors, etc.).
  1. Data, Talent & Technology INTEGRATOR
  • Near and far Futurist who identifies the skills needed with expertise in using technology to gather and assess required data.
  • Leads the adaptation of of productivity tools using technology with the ability to coder and adjust algorithms.
  • Specialist who connects technology, automation and human contributions.
  1. Social Policy and Community ACTIVIST
  • Company ‘happiness’ officer – engaging talent and community to meet employee, organizational and community needs
  • Corporate social responsibility leader, championing synergy between social goals of the organization.
  • Community influencer who is involved in helping the organization shapes policies, regulations and laws that support the changing needs of organizations and employees.

Your HR Career Future Is Here

While it is fun to project into the future you can use this information today to build your career. A lot can happen between now and 2025, but taking steps today helps you move along the path to your career future. As you review these jobs consider what elements of see that you want to add to your personal career brand.

Over the next 5 years HR will continue to transform as technology and a globally competitive world continues to evolve. Within business world more HR consultants and outsourcing organisations are dotting the landscape. Today we see larger organizations carving out roles for ‘chief happiness officers’ and the push for HR to work more closely with marketing to create brand communication strategies.

In the future HR in small and even medium sized organizations may consist of a person who knows how to dial your HR consultant team to get advice on your HR policies and decisions. Not every organization can have an HR person who is an AODA expert (Accessibility for Ontarian’s with Disabilities Act) or a compensation and benefits expert who can help you find the right benefits packages for your organization.

To remain competitive in an HR career take a look at where the future is headed, find a piece of the puzzle your want to eat and start adding skills and abilities to your repertoire.