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How to Improve Your Workplace Culture This Summer

By Paula Santonocito

You certainly want to focus on workplace culture year round, but arguably there are more opportunities to create camaraderie during the summer months.

Here are a few ideas to help generate goodwill and foster teamwork.

Start a walking club. Yes, everything you’ve heard about fresh air and exercise is true. They really do improve health and morale. And now, a new study from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Life Science Division in Berkeley, Calif., finds walking can lower risk of heart-related conditions as much as running.

Studies also find people who walk with a buddy are more likely to keep at it, and the workplace is packed with potential pals. An added benefit of employees walking together is they’re likely to talk about things they have in common, and the number one thing is the job.

One option is an open club—anyone at the worksite may participate and everyone belongs to the same group. This will facilitate management and staff interaction and allo...

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